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Rug Repair - Remsen Village 11236

Rug Repair - Remsen Village 11236

Rug Repair

Make your rug look brand new!

There is no large or small repair with our company—we can handle all your rug repair needs. We also take pride in delivering the expectations of our clients and bringing the highest level of customer service and exceptional repair output. For those who have concerns with their rugs, you can visit us to have a free estimate, and we would be very happy to help you with your repair needs.

Repair your damaged area rugs.

The signs of wear on your rug do not mean that its the end. It is all normal for your rug edges to be worn out due to extreme usage. Do not worry we have the capability to bind or surge these edges.

We perform surges in a single thread in a looping pattern in hand-made rugs whereas, for machine-made rugs, we usually use binding tape to be sewn to repair the edges. The latter is faster and easier process to be done since the former is time-consuming. We have the complete facility to perform such repairs to your rugs.

We can also perform blocking to restore your rug’s shape and to smooth out the crumples. For an advanced repair process, we take into account careful and meticulous handling of your rugs.

Give your rug a vibrant feel with new dye.

We can do dyeing of rugs in our facilities. We can dye bleach stains, rust stains, dark spots, red spots, sun fading, wood furniture marks and other spots that might make your rug look ugly. We use non-toxic and odorless dyeing products for the safety and health of our clients. Dyeing can usually take a minimum of 2 weeks depending on the need of your rug.

Get bind and fringe repairs.

We offer rug binding and fringing procedures also like 2” polyester binding, instabinding, leather binding, wide fabric binding, tapestry binding and the like ranging from white to black to multicolors.

We do fringe and binding processes here in our facility by our team of specialists. We never subcontract our services. You can talk to any of our knowledgeable representatives to discuss your binding preferences. We can do it on wool, cotton, silk and in whatever color be it white, beige, brown, and green colors.

Customize rugs according to your needs.

We can also cut and latex rugs. Whatever the size and shape of your room, hallway or steps we can customize your rugs depending on your needs. You have the option to have it manually or electrically cut. We make it a point to keep the edges durable after the series of procedures. We use non-toxic and odorless latex, which is safe for both of our staff and your family.

Avail services at affordable prices.

We understand and respect your value for money that is why our company offers the best service and options for all of our clients. We give the best service starting from giving free estimates, free pick up and free delivery to make your payment worthwhile.