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Window Covering Treatment - Remsen Village 11236

Window Covering Treatment - Remsen Village 11236

Window Covering Treatment

All Bright Carpet Window Treatment

For any of your window treatment needs, All Bright Carpet can help you. Whether you want to buy, install, clean, or repair your drapes or blinds, you can trust our experts to do them with precision and care. We offer nothing but top notch customer service and quality window treatment process so that we can address all of your needs.

Do you want to have Drapes & Blinds at home?

Drapes and blinds add extra value to your home. If you still have not one, then it might be time for you to consider purchasing them. Luckily, All Bright Carpet has the most extensive selections of window coverings.

We have faux wood blinds, wood blinds, hard window coverings, soft window coverings, drapes, curtains, cellular shades, cordless cellular shades, shags, aluminum blinds, cordless aluminum blinds, skylights, roller shades, sheer horizontal shades, etc. Each of these window covering come with a manufacturer’s warranty so you need not worry.

Do you want Drapes & Blinds Installation?

When you purchase drapes and blinds from All Bright Carpet, we can give additional installation services if you are interested. In just a week, everything can be processed and completed.

If we happen to see damages in our window covering during installation, we will take full responsibility and have it replaced right away.

Are you in need of Drapes & Blinds Cleaning?

All Bright Carpet offers different window cleaning services to different kinds of window coverings. So whether you need steam cleaning, dry fabric cleaning, window covering cleaning, or deep cleaning, we got you covered.

What makes us different is that we only use organic cleaning solutions. Thus, we can keep your curtains, drapes, sheers, valances, shags, luminette, cellular shades, roller shades, silhouette, verticals, etc. damage-free. We also can cater to window coverings of your home or office. All we have to do is to remove, clean, iron, press, deliver, and re-install them. In more or less than a week, you can have your window covering back and looking brand new!

Are your Drapes & Blinds in Need of Repairs?

Repairing old and/or damaged drapes and blinds comes easily to our expert team. Let them examine your window covering, and they can come up with a solution to fix it.

From cutting, sewing, stitching, seam repair, and hole repair to latex, dyeing, accessory repair, chains, cords, and clips repair, we got you covered. If you have a special window covering repair request, we can also cater to them. Just tell us what you need.

Some special repair services we’ve offered before include changing the cords and spray mechanisms to keep the blinds in top condition. We have also tried repairing a window covering on site, and we’ll do the same if we see that transfer of your drapes or blinds could worsen their current state.

Why Should You Pick Us?

All Bright Carpet offers free pickup and delivery. We also give free quotes if you contact us via phone or e-mail. Our customer support will be more than happy to serve you. Lastly, we can schedule an appointment without any charge.